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: president obama and john kerry condemning russia's actions but offering few other details. president putin pulling back troops that says he reserves the right to use force as a last resort. the standoff may not be over. adam: facebook is looking to the skies to spur growth. it is betting on drone technology to bring it social media site areas unable to access the internet. cheryl: dish network disabling the controversial ad skipping technology but playing favorites, doing it only for disney. as the satellite cable provider moves to offer streaming content for those who don't want a dish on their roof and that is just about everybody. adam: tensions mounting in eastern europe as the crisis in ukraine unfolds, president obama and john kerry today speaking against russia's escalating military presence in the region of crimea. >> we stand on the side of history that i think more and more people around the world deeply believe in. the principle that a sovereign people, independent people are able to make their own decisions about their own lives. vladimir putin can throw a lot of words out ther
on right now with john kerry and his russian counterpart meeting in the city of life. tensions are mounting it crimea as protesters taught international observers. also happening here, clashing over the irs, the chairman cutting the mike on congressman elijah cummings. making some impressive bets. can you say linkedin? the former ceo of zero is going to be joining us on where to invest right now, and it is all about you and your body. a little spring cleaning. how much do those diets help you? the doctor this hour is here with her call and the impact on the weight loss industry. but first we are watching the market in certain the market taking downward after a very soft jobs report from adp. supply data shows inventories rising lower-than-expected. adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange. phil flynn at the trading pits of the cme. first to you, what are the traders saying about the actions. >> the s&p 500 can't break through the resistance, the intraday high. just have not been able to get through that. some of the winners, some of the losers, big winners, disney hitting an
exercise in western russia right on ukraine's bourse that. john kerry weighing in today saying russia should be very careful in its judgments. and must respect the fragile nation's territorial integrity. adam: a scene set for of spy movie, senate investigators into the picture of hidden bank statements, remote-controlled elevators and alleging credit suisse bankers worked with wealthy americans to help them even a u.s. taxes. peter barnes is live from capitol hill. i feel like i should be calling you 007. what is going on? >> top executive at credit suisse admitted a small group of rogan bankers that its firms appear to have violated u.s. law by helping some americans hide their money in secret accounts to dodge billions in u.s. taxes. 7 bankers have been indicted by a justice department. others are gone as the bank insists it has been cleaning house and trying to clean up its practices particularly concerning 22,000 accounts for u.s. customers most of which are not documented to the internal revenue service. the senate subcommittee on investigations saas the account had 10 to $12 bil
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3